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Pharmacy Sales

GREG’S GUARANTEE: You will absolutely get my best service…..Guaranteed! See client testimonials: “Greg’s service is second to none.” I stand by that 100%! 

We have Australia covered. We are licensed in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and have associations in all other states and territories.

Greg Aspeling began his career in the pharmacy industry at the very beginning of 2010 by just having a chat to someone.

Fred Raven, much loved pharmacy industry figure, sadly no longer with us, was a pioneer in the industry when he opened the very first pharmacy brokerage house in Australia nearly 30 years ago. Fred regularly visited Greg for a chat at his real estate office which was located in the same shopping complex as the offices of Raven’s Business Services.

When Greg decided he needed a career change and closed the real estate office at the end of 2009, Fred asked him to join Raven’s as a pharmacy sales broker. Greg took up the offer in early 2010 and, under the guidance of Fred Raven,  has gone on to carve out a very successful career in pharmacy sales facilitation with millions of dollars of sales under his belt.

Greg will forever be grateful to Fred Raven, not only for taking him under his wing, but for being a good friend as well, who both assisted each other when there was a time of need. Pharmacy sales facilitation was a world away from property sales. For Greg, there was a lot of learning to do and then a lot of fine-tuning and moulding that knowledge to come up with the very best way to service his clients needs. There is a saying “You are never too old to learn”. The “moulding and the fine-tuning” continues with the ever changing landscape of pharmacy. It continues to be a work in progress.

For Greg, those days were certainly enlightening times and a great learning curve which he has enjoyed immensely, despite the many challenges thrown up in just about every sale. It’s akin to a juggling act. To keep those balls in the air you need to keep a keen eye on them. The ultimate goal is to get that sale to settle. Thus, his high success rate and his desire to service his clients his way, has enticed him to open his own brokerage house.

Investment Property

Greg’s interest in real estate property investment was piqued back in 2000 when he heard you could actually utilise your tax dollars to “negative gear” an investment property. Wanting to know more, he began attending investment property seminars. He loved the concept, so studied for, and attained, his PS146 Training Course 1 (now RG146) certificate, the entry requirement to provide financial advice on financial products. This was not a requirement at the time, but he thought it a good idea anyway.

He went on to sell many investment properties with the extreme satisfaction of knowing his clients have experienced not only great capital growth since then, but also utilised their tax dollar effectively.

He believes investment property is an essential part of an investment portfolio and has now targeted new house and land packages which he believes provides better capital growth and returns along with great tax benefits for those who are eligible for these benefits.