A Touch Of History. Kenmore Medical Centre Pharmacy

Hemant Kapadia and Greg Aspeling at the pharmacy

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In March this year, the owner of Kenmore Medical Centre Pharmacy, Mr Hemant Kapadia, engaged GAPS Pharmacy Sales to sell his pharmacy. Kenmore is a suburb of Brisbane. After a successful marketing campaign and screening of prospective purchasers, the new owners took over on the 11th July 2022.

The pharmacy has a long history and had been established over 40 years ago. Mr Kapadia purchased the pharmacy in 1997, 25 years ago.

Hemant studied Pharmacy at Otago University in Dunedin NZ . When he moved to Australia from Fiji, he worked in Western Australia and Sydney before settling in Queensland. While working on the Gold Coast, the API rep told him about a pharmacy for sale in Brisbane.

It turned out to be Kenmore Medical Centre Pharmacy. He went on to buy the pharmacy. He recalls it wasn’t in very good shape when he bought it.

He had to put in a lot of long hours in the initial years and juggle family time with 3 young children. Having Kenmore State School across the road from the Pharmacy was a fortunate coincidence and, of course, his children did their schooling there.

By providing a personal, friendly and professional service, essential to any business, he built the business up over the years, resulting in a base of loyal and regular customers. After a long consideration, he decided it was time to call it a day and put the pharmacy on the market this year.

I met up with Hemant a few days before settlement. We were out the front of the pharmacy having a chat, when Dr Garry Buchan-Hepburn, and his wife, Desley, walked by. Garry is part of the consortium that is the landlord of Kenmore Medical Centre. Well, a bit of reminiscing ensued, and, to be honest, I felt quite privileged to be part of the conversation. I love knowing a bit about the history behind the pharmacies I sell.

Garry, and his partner, George Wells, had a surgery just a few doors down from where the pharmacy is currently located. In 1978, they were put out when the landlord increased the rent from $2.50 per square foot to $5 per square foot. And, yes, it seems ridiculously cheap even at $5, but it was all relative to the time. We’re talking over 40 years ago. Anyway, as you can imagine, a doubling of the rent would upset most people, so Garry and George decided to look for a site for a new surgery. There was vacant land of 5.5 acres just up the road from their surgery.

Together with another local medical practice, and local architect, Steve Burns, they put together a consortium to build the Medical Centre precinct, which, together with the two independent medical practices, included a Specialist Centre, Physiotherapy and the Pharmacy.

An easement was provided through the council car park, which is situated on Princeton Street, as no access was permitted from Moggill Road. The first pharmacists to set up shop were Tony Armstrong and David Rouse.

Over the years there were additions to the precinct, however, the pharmacy still remains in its original position. Given the continued population growth in South East Queensland, spurred on by COVID-19, the pharmacy is now under the banner of one of Queensland’s major brands and will no doubt grow as time goes by.