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The information requested below is straightforward. We will request copies of financials, dispense reports, rosters, leases etc separately
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We prepare your IM (Information Memorandum) totally free of charge. The IM is very detailed and takes time to prepare. Our fee is a ‘success’ fee. If we don’t sell your pharmacy, you don’t pay us anything. 

  • A detailed IM provides prospective buyers enough information to make an informed decision
  • It allows accountants, lenders etc to provide guidance to the buyer make a genuine offer
  • Random, uninformed offers may cost you money
Data For IM (Information Memorandum) Preparation

Once you have submitted this form we will review it and be in touch if we require any further information to expedite the process of getting your pharmacy to the market asap. Thanks.

Data For IM (Information Memorandum) Preparation

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